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Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer
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Michigan SSD Lawyer / Flint Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer

Flint Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer

Disabled workers often feel financial pressure and stress. Helpfully, the Social Security Disability (SSD) program can provide benefits to workers with a qualifying disability. Obtaining the benefits you deserve is often much harder than it should be, and many applicants are initially denied. At Nationwide Disability Law, we have helped countless people navigate the claims process, and we provide an overview of important steps below. Call us to speak with our Flint Social Security Disability claims lawyer at our firm in a free consultation.

Compiling Evidence in Support of Your Claim

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requests a considerable amount of evidence and information from applicants. A lawyer at Nationwide Disability Law can help you find important information, including the doctors you met with, test results, work history, and other important information. Gathering this information ahead of time can make the application process easier and reduce the odds of a rejection.

Applying for Benefits

Once you have compiled critical evidence, you can fill out and submit an application. A lawyer at our firm can help. We will ensure your application is complete and accurate, which speeds up the process and makes it more likely you will receive benefits. Most applications are done online today. We might also help you apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits at the same time.

Undergoing SSA Review

SSA will initiate a review of your application, checking to see if you are eligible. There are many reasons for denials, and the sad reality is that many workers are rejected for technical reasons. You should receive a letter from SSA outlining whether you are awarded benefits or the reasons you were rejected. Some workers are denied because they have insufficient work credits, but others do not have their medical condition listed in the Blue Book, so more evidence might be required.

Appealing a Denial

There’s good news if your claim is denied: you have the right to a timely appeal. In fact, SSA has many different levels of appeal. A lawyer at Nationwide Disability Law can explain more and handle all the legal work.

Your first level of appeal is to request reconsideration. A new examiner will take a look at your application and could award benefits.

If you are denied again, then you can request an appeal with an administrative law judge, who should hold a hearing. We can also bring other appeals, such as to a federal district court.

Typically, we need to address the reasons for the denial, which might require additional medical evidence or information. Call us quickly. You get a limited amount of time to appeal, and we don’t want you to lose your legal rights.

Fighting for Our Clients

Disabled workers and their families rely on Nationwide Disability Law to make the disability benefits application process simpler. Please call our firm right away. We can explain our services in greater detail in a free consultation, including how we charge for our legal work. Our Flint Social Security Disability claims attorney is available today.

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