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Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer
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Michigan SSD Lawyer / Flint Social Security Disability Eligibility Lawyer

Flint Social Security Disability Eligibility Lawyer

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a lifeline for many workers who can’t continue working because of an injury or illness. Workers who are eligible to receive benefits should begin the claims process as soon as possible. But how do you know if you are eligible? A portion of every worker’s check is paid into the Social Security Administration, but you still might not qualify. Please contact Nationwide Disability Law to schedule a consultation with a Flint Social Security Disability eligibility lawyer. In this article, we look at the key eligibility criteria.

Can You Engage in Substantial Gainful Activity?

To receive benefits, you can’t engage in substantial gainful activity, called SGA. Essentially, the Social Security Administration will look at your monthly earnings. If they are over a certain limit, then you are capable of SGA and you probably won’t qualify for disability benefits.

Do You have a Qualifying Disability?

To be eligible, you must first meet the SSA’s definition of disability:

  • You cannot perform the work you used to do, and
  • Your medical condition will prevent you from doing a new job, and
  • Your disability is expected to last at least one year or result in death.

For example, you might suffer a leg injury, which prevents you from working as a security guard. But you can easily transition to a desk job. In that example, you would not have a qualifying disability.

Is Your Injury Listed in the “Blue Book”?

A disability must also be sufficiently “severe” as defined by SSA. The agency has created a Listing of impairments, which is called the “Blue Book.” If your impairment is listed, then you should qualify.

If your impairment is not listed, then don’t lose hope. You might still succeed if you show your medical condition is sufficiently serious.

Do You Have Sufficient Work Credits?

You might have a qualifying disability but not have sufficient work credits, so this is a critical consideration. Generally, workers must have at least 40 credits, with 20 earned within the past 10 years. If not, you aren’t eligible. There are exceptions for younger workers, so contact an attorney.

You earn credits based on how much you earn. In 2024, for example, a worker earns one credit for every $1,730 they earn in a year. (The amount changes every year.) A worker can earn a maximum of four credits per year.

Work credits are a source of confusion for many workers, especially those who worked part-time for years. Please call our firm if you have questions.

Obtain Legal Assistance from a Flint SSD Eligibility Lawyer

We wish the application process was simpler for SSD benefits than it is. Unfortunately, many applicants are struggling with pain and bodily limitations, so the hurdles to receiving benefits feel especially high. Please contact Nationwide Disability Law today. Our Flint Social Security Disability eligibility lawyer can review your medical records and employment history to determine whether you qualify. We can also represent you throughout the application or appeals process. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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