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Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer
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Michigan SSD Lawyer / Wayne County Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer

Wayne County Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer

The Social Security Disability (SSD) program is the main source of financial benefits for those who cannot work due to a medical condition.  Although disabled workers need financial help, the reality is that the application process is more cumbersome than it should be. The Social Security Administration (SSA), which runs the program, requires a massive amount of information, and it’s easy to make a mistake when you apply. Many workers are in fact denied benefits, only to be awarded them later after they hire a lawyer. Contact us today. Nationwide Disability Law has helped hundreds of disabled workers secure the benefits they need when a medical condition prevents them from working. A Wayne County Social Security Disability claims lawyer is available to meet for a free consultation.

What Are the Steps for Making an SSD Claim?

Our firm has jumped in to help literally hundreds of people with their claims. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Collecting Information. SSA requests considerable information regarding your medical condition, which doctors you saw, and your work history. You should gather this information ahead of time so that filling out the application is less time consuming.
  2. Applying for SSD benefits. The actual application can be filled out online or using a paper application. Many applicants make some mistakes, such as leaving off information or submitting inaccurate work histories. Our firm can carefully review an application to ensure it is complete and accurate.
  3. Review by Disability Determination Services. It takes several months for this office to determine if you are eligible. For example, you will need sufficient work credits. SSA will also want to see that your medical condition is sufficiently serious. Our legal team will review any denial notice to see whether you should bring an appeal.
  4. Filing an appeal. Even those who are denied benefits have a right to appeal. For example, we might request reconsideration or request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Many applicants are approved for benefits at the hearing stage. Other appeals are possible, including to the Appeals Council or even a federal court. Nationwide Disability Law can handle the appeals process from start to finish, submitting requested documents and compiling additional evidence in support of your claim.

The SSD journey is different for everyone. Some applicants are approved within 6 months, but many more need a lawyer’s assistance to finally get the benefits they need.

We Can Help with Your SSD Benefits Claim

Do you need help completing an application? Or have you been denied benefits? We can help. Nationwide Disability Law is the go-to firm for any disabled worker seeking benefits. We can step in at any stage in the process, but it’s best to call us as soon as possible. Our firm knows how to compile evidence in support of claims and present our client’s case before administrative bodies and judges. For immediate help, please contact us today to speak with a Wayne County, Michigan Social Security Disability claims lawyer in a free consultation.

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